Food bank of Loire-Atlantique

The asso goes on friday to recover fresh, dry and frozen products. They are use then for lily of the valley, harvest, for beneficiaries of the association or laid aside.

The signed agreement allows AMI to distribute food products.

Food education is part of integration.


PHENIX, a social company, helps business customers in their problems of waste reduction and waste repurposing. Food and revalue material product (clothes, small furniture…) are redistributed for free to non-profitable organization.

The agreement has been signed with AMI in december 2017.


Federative center of prevention and screening CHU

AIDS screening test

Anti-tuberculosis center

Agreement has been signed and a volunteer coordinates actions between sponsors and ami for tetanus prevention.

AIDeS intervenes in prevention of AIDS screening test, HIV, hepatitis C, STD.

This makes it possible to carry out various preventive actions with the beneficiaries with tools adapted to the public (videos, PowerPoints, games, flyers, debate…). These moments are appreciated by all and participants say they discover many things like compulsory vaccination, danger of sputum for tuberculosis, …

Permanancy access to medical care (PASS)

Volunteer in charge of access to care is in permanente contact with the PASS. This close collaboration enables a quality medical check.

Training institute of podiatry

For several years, every wednesday a volunteer or a trainee goes with 4 beneficiaries in podiatry school located in Saint-Sebastien sur Loire, for care.

Migrants are an extremely precarious public and therefore podiatry cares are not their priority. The association encourages them to go there. This make possible to nurse to find out pathologies such as diabetes or necessity for somes of them to wear orthopedic sole often recommended.

Indeed, many of them walked for days in precarious situations with inadequate shoes before to reach France.

City of Nantes

The city of Nantes provides premises to the association since 2007.

After multiples meetings and requests, the city of Nantes found us premises in 2018 at 103 rue du corps de garde.

We have from now better working conditions at our disposal with offices where confidentiality can be respected. With larger and brighter classrooms, we can decently receive beneficiaries and sponsors.

This is unexpected as the AMI’s visitors numbers grew with the migratory flow.

The only drawback is day reception room : too small and too busy for a real break.

The request for help for a truck was refused. However, the city of Nantes shows itself more and more attentive to our problems. The migratory phenomenon is more and more political and the MAI is one of the solutions. Awareness is moving in the right direction. It is desirable that this continue.

Collaboration with lawyer in Nantes and Paris

The association is constantly in collaboration with lawyers who know perfectly law sector. They know the situation and defend as the better the beneficiaries.

Some of them even come from Paris few days a month within the association, to meet their clients they defend as legal aid for their hearing in Paris.

Varied partners

The second-hand shop NIKKI enables to discover the needs of the association in crockery, small furnitures to ensure our activities and make possible accommodation. This also enable meal preparations on site during working contracts period.

Voluntary work

The association couldn’t run without the active and rigorous participation of volunteers.

For several years, every tuesday, an health permanency is provided by a retired state-registered diploma nurse. Thanks to her network, she could built partnership with differents services of Nantes hospital like anti-tuberculosis center, permanency access to medical care, AIDeS… but also with podiatry school. Meanwhile, this volunteer manages all requests for regularization for health reasons.

Literacy lessons are dispensed by Learn French in France (FLE) volunteers which thanks to their training give lively and friendly workshops. These lessons are moment of sharing and mutual aid. 
From time to time, volunteers intervene in administrative or organisation.Their presence is valuable to groups who go to work. They play an important role in the supervision of the beneficiaries and the operation of the association in terms of administration, communication and accounting.

Meantime regularization request, lots of migrants are not allowed to work so they choose to involve a bit of time in the association, in function of need. Thats’ why in 2018, we had 8 volunteers-beneficiaries who helped regularly and responsibly the association. Providing various positions such as reception, telephone switchboard, meal preparation, maintenance of premises, transportation of food or materials or computer maintenance, association couldn’t run without them This “hierarchical” diversity is a perfect image of the association : we all work together, no matter who we are, for one and the same purpose: to live together in a climate of social peace.



AMI constantly welcomes future professionals in social, juridical, political sciences, administration and management but also students from middle and high-school in the process of choosing their future career paths. In 2018, we welcomed about twenty trainees.

We have a lasting partnership with several schools and new training centers have asked us to host their trainees.

Material Donation

The AMI association also accepts donations of materials and equipment (linen, dishes, furniture, household appliances, etc…) and any other items that may be useful.


The AMI association needs donations to operate this can be done on the site (Hello Asso Available Soon) or by mail directly to the association :


AMI Association

Accompagnement Migrant Intégration

103 rue du Coprs de Garde

44100 NANTES