About us

Our Story

Since the impulse given by Catherine LIBAULT in June 2006, the association AMI was born and built to respond to a growing demand for supporting the migrants in Loire-Atlantique. They all want a more dignified and autonomous life and that is the core reason of our existence.

Our Purpose

The aim of AMI’s Nantes association is to support our members in their integration processes in France.

To this end, we provide the necessary “tools” and we organize activities and workshops so that our beneficiaries can appropriate the French culture: literacy, civic education, cooking classes.

Motivated people who wish to integrate are supported in their efforts and eventually are put in contact with employers.

Our Values

The association is committed to:

  • Support its members in their legal and administrative procedures.
  • Help its members to have access to work.
  • Fight against assitance-seeking behaviours and communitarianism.
  • Maintain a spirit of conviviality in the association.


The beneficiary is committed to:

  • Participate to the activities offered, following an evaluation of the level of French.
  • Respect the personalized contract.
  • Be assiduous in the activities and appointments given to him.
  • Live in a friendly atmosphere, discover unknown cultures and religions, in a spirit of exchange.

Our Organization

Beyond the Bureau and the Management Board, the association is composed of employees and volunteers.

The employees are in charge of managing the members’ files and ensuring the smooth running of the association on a daily basis.

Moreover, we could not function without the active and rigorous participation of our volunteers, who ease the reception of new members and also lead some workshops.

Our team